The Master’s can help your retirement plan

masters logoThe Master’s can help your retirement plan.

Are you going for the green or laying up?  Is your retirement lifestyle dependent on pulling off  great shot?  Can you lay up, make par and live a great life, free form worry and “what if’s?”

Are you taking unnecessary risk in your investments? Can you win by simply earning low, but consistent returns without taking huge risks?  If color commentators were analyzing your style, would they question your decision making process?  Would they say, “I don’t understand the play here, he can simply make par and win the tournament why is he going for the green in tow?’  What is he thinking?  “Why is he taking so much risk, when he can live well without riding the market?”  Just as the world’s top golfers are forced to make critical decisions regarding how much risk they are comfortable taking, so should you.  Early in the tournament they may take a chance on a risky shot, as early in life you may take additional risks with your retirement assets.  As the tournament progresses, however, the stakes get higher, there is not enough holes to make up the potential lost ground from a bad outcome, safety and preserving position become more important.  Sounds like your retirement years perhaps…
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