Don’t be tricked by high dividend yields

When it comes to high-dividend stocks, you often get what you pay for. I’ve been talking about this for quite some time, others seem to be in agreement.  Beware the high-dividend yields some stocks offer.  See why there are a mirage more often than not. Source: Don’t be tricked by high dividend yields

John Oliver right to use the ‘F word’ on TV about advisors

Comedian John Oliver ranted about advisors’ fiduciary obligations. The DOL gave it a shot; now it’s the SEC’s turn to step up to the plate. At DaVinci Wealth we take our duty as Fiduciaries very seriously.  It’s not just the legal standard we are held to, but the moral standard we operate under ALWAYS. Source: […]

Veteran fund manager Bill Miller leaves Legg Mason after 35 years

Legg Mason fund manager Bill Miller will leave the firm after 35 years, the Baltimore-based investment company said on Thursday. One of the gurus of the actively managed mutual fund age calling it quits. Was he forced out due to continued underperformance and an erosion of assets under management? Another signal that actively managed funds […]