Avoid these 3 Social Security mistakes

Americans are an impatient bunch, at least when it comes to Social Security.

Avoid these 3 Social Security mistakes by Russ Wiles for USA TODAY Americans are an impatient bunch, at least when it comes to Social Security. People who delay taking Social Security benefits will be rewarded with higher monthly payments, yet hardly anyone waits until 70, the age at which benefits are maximized. Many lock in […]

Why Ken Fisher Hates Annuities…Should You?

How Much of Your Nest Egg Would You Like to Have at Risk?

Why Ken Fisher Hates Annuities… He Loves Managed Money. If you’ve done any searches online for investment products, retirement planners, annuities, and the like, you have no doubt seen the banner ads from Mr. Fisher’s firm.  If you have somehow overlooked them, I’ve sprinkled a few examples into this post. Mr. Fisher is a long-time […]

Can You Collect Your Late Spouse’s Social Security and Still Work?

Larry Kotlikoff AKA "Ask Larry" explains - Courtesy PBS NewsHour

BY LAURENCE KOTLIKOFF June 8, 2015 Can You Collect Your Late Spouse’s Social Security and Still Work? Social Security can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.  Ask Larry Kotlikoff your questions. Boston University economist Larry Kotlikoff has spent every week, for over two years, answering questions about what is likely your largest financial […]

Is an Annuity Right for YOU?

What you need to know about Variable and Fixed annuities

Variable annuity owners: This is a must-attend Workshop!

For decades, many hardworking Americans have relied upon variable and fixed indexed annuities to help protect their retirement assets they have worked so hard to build, and gain greater confidence in their financial strategies for retirement income. But the simple truth is, many of these products can be difficult to understand.

Join Darren Vilardo, of DaVinci Wealth, for this complimentary financial seminar that will show you the “must knows” about these complicated products.

You Will Learn:

Learn the benefits and limitations of annuities
Find out how to calculate the fees and expenses on your annuity contract
Learn how to help protect your financial gain by using your annuity if long-term care or assisted home health care is needed.
Learn the annuity language and terms used, such as: Caps, Spreads, Margins, etc.

BONUS INFORMATION: Learn how to protect your investment gain without buying a variable or fixed indexed annuity.


Date: July 26, 2016
Time: 10:00 am
Event: Is an Annuity Right For YOU?
Topic: Is an annuity right For YOU?
Sponsor: DaVinci Wealth
Venue: The Adult Center of Prescott
Location: 1280 E. Rosser Street
Prescott, AZ 86301
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.
More Info: Click here for more information.

Gundlach – Beware of CNBC Pundits

Gundlach – Beware of CNBC Pundits May 19, 2015 by Robert Huebscher Jeffrey Gundlach On issues as central as the effect of quantitative easing or Fed tightening on interest rates, Jeffrey Gundlach says you shouldn’t trust the pundits on CNBC. Gundlach is the founder and chief investment officer of Los Angeles-based DoubleLine Capital. He spoke […]