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RETIREMENT PLANNING: Know your numbers BY DARREN VILARDO January 25, 2014; 06:01 PM Do you know exactly how much money you will need in retirement? Do you know exactly how much you spent last month? Do you know exactly how much you will spend every month once you are retired? Do you know where your […]

When Life Gets In The Way Of Your Retirement – Forbes

Our most recent generational research report examines the financial strengths and weaknesses of each generation and the opportunities and threats they face. The greatest vulnerability of each generation is not saving enough for retirement, with the most immediate threat to Baby Boomers age 55-64, who are approaching retirement. While a majority of them have never […]

Use ‘tax diversification’ to help manage retirement income – San Antonio Express-News

You need to save and invest as much as possible to pay for the retirement lifestyle you’ve envisioned. But your retirement income also depends, to a certain degree, on how your retirement funds are taxed. And that’s why you may be interested in tax diversification. To understand the concept of tax diversification, you’ll need to […]

Top Tips on Saving for Retirement | Hawaii Reporter

Top Tips on Saving for RetirementPhoto: Emily MetcalfDo you know how much money you need to retire? 56% of the workforce does not know how much they need to save for retirement, and only 14% of Americans believe they will have enough money to retire comfortably.˟ For peace of mind, consider these top tips to […]

Retirement reality check: Time to get a grip—Commentary-CNBC.COM

  Retirement reality check: Time to get a grip    Text Size   Published: Tuesday, 7 Jan 2014 | 7:00 AM ET By: Jerry Lynch | President of JFL Total Wealth Management Most of the time, right before you retire, you are at the highest discretionary income in your life. The kids had left the house (hopefully), you […]

7 Reasons Not To Pay Off Your Mortgage Before You Retire – Forbes

Many people, including myself, dream of having a “mortgage burning” party the week they retire. The very thought of making my last mortgage payment makes me jump for joy. No mortgage payment means peace of mind, freedom and a strong sense of security. But is it a false sense of security? Given today’s low interest rate […]